We've been out of the LEGO loop for a minute, but this new Run-DMC character set is something we’d get behind.

Since the LEGO Company started aligning itself with only hocking its wares to promote marketing behemoths, we’ve been out of the loop for good reason. No longer is it a thousand bright blocks poised with rampant imagination, but instead its new goal is to constantly bombard us with over-hyped movie sets, children’s cartoon characters or other entertainment brands with little focus on the nostalgic building process.

But this new Run-DMC character set, envisioned by one of the LEGO geeks on its site, could be something we’d get behind. Apparently — and did anyone have any idea this existed until now — users can build their own sets inspired by just about anything and upload it to the LEGO site for others to vote on. Garner 10,000 supporters and it goes into review in front of the almighty LEGO board of plastic block deities.

If the company does eventually sell and build the idea, the creator even gets a cut of the profits. To quote our great uncle Claire, “You learn something new every god damned day.”

The Run-DMC set contains close to 400 parts and includes caricatures of all three of the iconic hip-hop pioneers. Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizel (RIP), Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels all kick together once again on stage with the group’s ubiquitous logo in the backdrop.

It’s cool, but we’re going to hold out until we can also get the added bonus of having LEGO Aerosmith bash through the wall screaming about walking some particular way for some odd reason.