Just when you thought that male arrogance couldn’t get greater, a survey recently announced that nearly half of all men think they could safely land a plane. For the record, we think a story about men who think they can land planes being juxtaposed to a Tesla crashing from an autopilot failure in a McDonald’s drive-thru fits pretty nicely.


In case you failed statistics in college like we did, we should point out that we mean that half of the men that were surveyed said they could land a plane, and we’re not talking about every man ever. Yet, if you ask us and our friend’s dad that’s a pilot, the survey results hold true: 50 percent of this aforementioned group thinks they could safely land a plane.


A survey from YouGov found that out of the 20,000 individuals surveyed, roughly one-third (and one-half of males) think that they could land a passenger aircraft safely with the assistance of air traffic control.

Speaking of male arrogance and air traffic control, we’re going to change our answer on being unable to land the plane. Having a skynerd on the ground walk you through the whole thing with radio communication almost seems like cheating.

Actually, we’re going to put “Do you think you could land a plane?” into our collection of questions to ask our friends when we’re drinking, in between “Do you think you could fight a bear?” and “Do you think you could find the clitoris?”