Looks like the two teardrop tattoos we picked up last spring break in Mazatlan during the ten day tequila binge aren't going to help our career according to a survey from Salary.com. Of over 2,700 people surveyed, 76% said they believe tattoos and piercings hinder a applicant's ability to land a job while 36% said employee tattoos and piercings reflect poorly on the employer. Not surprising, age played a significant role in the survey as the oldie goldies didn't care for tattoos while the younger generation was less objectionable. Both groups agreed that tattoos and piercings hurt an applicant's ability to get a job but as age increased, so did their belief that ink and metal shouldn't be tolerated in the workplace. That's fine. Once they find out why we got the teardrops in the first place, the old lady from accounting might think twice before questioning our office work ethic.