Have you ever met someone named Jeremy and thought, "Man, I hate people named Jeremy. They're such assholes."

Turns out, you're not being a Jeremy racist. New data proves there are certain people with similar names that commit crimes a lot more often than others, and around places like Colorado and some of the Midwest, Jeremy is the worst of them all.

Protection 1, the company that compiled this map, also looked at the average number of times people have been arrested based on their name, and it looks like if your name starts with a "J" and ends with a "Y" — you just might be that asshole who gets arrested all the time. 

And they looked at the types of crime committed by each name too, and it's hilarious that Randy always gets caught with weed. You're such an idiot, Randy. 

So if you have one of these names, just change it and you won't be in trouble with the law anymore, right? Thanks science!