Why did it take so long for someone to create this? 

We've all been there. It's the morning after: your head is throbbing, your wallet is empty, your keys are missing and your ex is blowing up your phone, ready to "really make it work this time" after "all those sweet things you texted last night." Why isn't there an app that can save you from yourself? 

Now there is. It's a little slice of heaven called Drunk Mode, and it's our new favorite thing in the world. Look at all the cool things it can do!


1) It lets your friends know where the hell you are

No one will ever yell, "Where the fuck is Steve?" ever again. You can just pull up a little map and find Steve's drunk ass in a hurry. 

2) It stops you from hooking up with your ex

Man, we wish we had this over the holidays, since boatloads of booze and watching "Charlie Brown's Christmas" makes us super sentimental — and is completely the reason why we have to break up with Jennifer again tomorrow.

3) It lets you retrace your steps from last night

Ever spent an entire afternoon trying to track down your keys, only to find them on the roof of your own house? Not anymore. Well, you might still lose your keys, but recovering them will be a hell of a lot easier now. 

4) It gets your drunk ass home

Most importantly, it finds you a cheap ride home and keeps you from drunk driving, because that's the dumbest shit you can do. Seriously. 

This thing is sweet — we're gonna try it out big time this weekend.