Getting laid is little more than a numbers game. If you swipe right on 6,000 young women, you may match with 500 of them, get messages from 20 of them, plan dates with 5 of them and then convince 1 of them to hump you.

Of course, you may not have the time, the energy, or the finger strength necessary to play this numbers game. Thankfully, modern technology now has a solution.

The Tinda Finger, an ingenious little gadget currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, can swipe right on over 6,000 ladies’ or dudes' profiles in just under an hour.

The accessory conveniently plugs into your smart phone’s charging port. Once set into motion, the finger makes 100 revolutions every minute, swiping right on literally everyone. Swiping left isn't even an option.

The Tinda Finger comes in both blue and pink, so both single men and women can optimize on potential fuck-buddies. Assuming you wanted to test your luck with every single man an woman on the dating app, it would take the gizmo about 5,000 hours, or 222 days, to swipe right on all of Tinder’s 32 million users.

Sometimes, in order to find love, you need to cast a wide net. Luckily, this handy little device finds love for you so you can spend your time doing more valuable things.