Well, they're not wrong … 

Ever wonder why each new Taco Bell creation is the same six ingredients in a new shape — but still tastes like hot garbage? Because you're gonna eat their shit no matter what it tastes like. Even after their "ground beef is only 35% beef" scandal and this frickin' guy:

Nothing has stopped people from lining up around the block to get some of that faux-Mexican crap into their gullets. And the fat cats at Taco Bell know that. And now they're admitting it publicly.

"Easy trumps better," Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed said an earnings call for the fast-food parent company on Wednesday.

As per a report in Business Insider:

Instead of attempting to battle fast-casual chains like Chipotle with higher-quality and more expensive offerings, Taco Bell is doubling down on making food easier to purchase, with a focus on delivery and digital innovation.

"We’ve got to find ways to make it easier for customers to get to our brands," said Creed. "We do that two ways: we build more units, but we also look at delivery as a way to get our food to customers in their homes."

Taco Bell has expanded delivery to about 500 locations in the US, through a partnership with DoorDash. According to the company, delivery has been customers’ No. 1 demand for the chain.

The faster they can shovel their cat food into your mouth, the better. They've even experimented with ordering via chatbots, so you won't have to face the disappointed stares of actual humans when you go in to order their food. Admit it: this looks pretty good, huh? 

Pizza Hut has been even more strongly guided by the "easy trumps better" philosophy, with the brand’s team coming up with the concept. The inspiration came last year when Pizza Hut executives realized the chain had focused too much on making pizza that customers enjoyed, instead of cutting delivery time, reports the Associated Press.

Read that again — instead of making better tasting pizza, they want to just get it to you faster. God bless America.

So far, the idea of "easy trumps better" has helped reinvigorate the brand. Pizza Hut reported a 5% same-store sales growth in the US, outpacing both KFC and Taco Bell.

Ultimately, the one thing that drove sales and made it easier for customer to eat Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in the most recent quarter was an emphasis on value across the chains. The return of the $5 boxes boosted sales at KFC, the new $1 breakfast menu increased transactions by 8% at Taco Bell, and the $5 flavor menu was identified as helping growth traffic at Pizza Hut.

So the key to success is more garbage faster. Damn, we're getting hungry …