Didn't get enough Taco Bell stumbling home at 2pm last night? Well, you're in luck. The company that brought you the Dorito Loco Taco has outdone themselves with a new culinary concoction called the waffle taco. In an attempt to steal the morning business from McDonald's and Burger King, Taco Bell has reached into their bag of tricks and away from the normal fried beans, cheese and beef menu items to prepare a delicious morning taco that will either send you to into cardiac arrest or to the shitter. Why Taco Bell couldn't have just made breakfast tacos is beyond us but to see that the obesity epidemic has little influence on Taco Bell food developers let's us know that America is still going strong. Why use a regular Taco when you can wrap that shit in a waffle

In our opinion, if Taco Bell wants to increase business sells, they should focus on making walk-thrus legal in the drive-thrus. Our in-office study concluded that more people are turned down for business due to a lack of a car when going through the drive-thru late night than for breakfast in the morning. That same study group also reported passing out in a near-by bush, so take the study for what it's worth. But either case, we never thought we'd ask you to bring back the five ingredients that make up all of your products (beans, cheese, beef, chicken and tortillas) but you should.