It's that time of year again where we use the hands of the interwebs to reach deep inside the mind of society in search of hard answers and the truth. Yes, it's our 2015 Ultimate Sex Survey and it's here to probe you and get to know you so we can figure out what makes you tick … sexually. Why? To further the human race, of course. Knowledge is power. Blah blah blah, other inspiring messages here: _______.

So take it. It's quick. It's anonymous. It's fun. And when you're done you'll be entered in a contest to win two tickets to this Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks show at Red Rocks as thanks from us to you.

This one here is for boys, men, and Boys II Men. Scroll down for the chick version.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. This one's for you. Scroll up for the boy's version.