When it comes to sex, men and women share the same ridiculous fears …

Men and women both believe they're much more skilled than they truly are, and they both neglect the needs and wants of their partners. Tack on the insurmountable fears and insecurities harbored deep within everyone's psyche, and we’ve pretty much defined why people drink before going on dates.

Luckily, a new study has presented the biggest fears facing each gender and outlined them in a beautiful infographic to help us confront the problems head on — just like our childhood therapist always wanted.

After surveying 2000 participants, the study found that a majority of the participants had the exact same fears, just prioritized differently. While men found it more important to please their partner than to wear a condom, women were more concerned with not farting during sex over pleasing their partner. All valid, yet equally ridiculous.

It’s classic spotlight syndrome. We believe everyone is judging us, but in reality, everyone’s too busy thinking they’re being judged to actually judge someone else. It’s a wash. Unfortunately, it’s still a problem and the study points to a list of 10 biggest sexual fears each gender entertains when sacked up in the nest of lovemaking. 

Sex is pure madness. Luckily, we have this nifty supply of political porn to keep us entertained — and single — until November 8.