SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED … whomp whomp

Hello valued Rooster Magazine readers, and thank you for taking the time to visit our Reader Survey 2018. Here we're asking for input on what we do goodly, what we do badly, and what you want to see more of from us in the future. Unlike others, we listen — you're why we're here in the first place, after all. 

But this isn't without something of value for you. Each collected email (optional) will be put in a magic hat and pulled at the end of the survey timeframe to award prizes for a lucky few! Prize packages include Rooster swag, prints of your favorite covers, magazine subscriptions, stickers (and we're pretty sure there's some leftover family lasagna in the back of the breakroom fridge somewhere we should probably get rid of). All for being you and lending a helping hand. Can't win if you don't play!

Without further ado …

(Survey will redirect to Google Forms in another window. Hurry back!)

[cover photo Pineapple Supply Co. via Unsplash]