Come on, it was bound to happen eventually.

It was bound to happen eventually.

Someone, somewhere was gonna get murdered trying to track down a stolen phone with an app that helps you track stolen phones.

Tragically, that someone was 18-year-old Jeremy Cook, who died from multiple gunshot wounds after he was trying to retrieve his stolen iPhone in Ontario, Canada.

On June 13, Jeremy left his phone in a cab. Later that night, he used the Find My iPhone app to trace his device's location.

When Jeremy showed up at the location and tried to get his phone back, he was confronted by three men in a Mazda Sedan. When the car began to drive off, Jeremy grabbed onto the driver's side door and was shot multiple times by a passenger in the car.

Police found his body at the back of a strip mall in a wealthy area of the city. The car and his phone were found abandoned nearby.

Police Constable Ken Steeves told CBC News:

“It’s certainly extreme. No one ever would have predicted or even thought that a loss of life would have resulted from a loss of a phone. The app itself is a great tool to have. Nobody could ever predict that what occurred was going to occur in that case, but if you suspect there’s any potential for violence at all, we certainly encourage people to contact police. We’d be more than happy to come out and investigate with the hopes of retrieving the phone.”

And that! Is why! You don't! Go chasing! Your meaningless! Phone! It's just a phone, and your mom probably got you shitty phone insurance because you're 34 and still on your parent's business plan. Plus, anyone who steals a phone probably needs it, which probably means they're potentially scrappy, which probably means they're down to end you. Avoid avoid avoid.

Or, if you do feel like exacting vengeance, send the po-po. Think of the bravado and fanfare that would entail. About as close to a Latin soap opera as you'll get, ¿no?