There's a fetish for everyone, apparently … 

Pope Francis, a loveable cutie pie, has become one of the most popular public figures of today’s age. His progressive attitude has warranted him such titles as “Person of the Year,” “Best Dressed man,” and the “Fourth Most Powerful Person of the Year.” He forgives atheists, leaves abortion up for debate, and occasionally drops the “f” bomb. The dude was even a bouncer before he took up seminary studies.

But has his status of being the Coolest Pope Ever warranted all the vulgar tweets painted across his Twitter page?

The pontiff started regularly tweeting in 2014 under the username @Pontifex about needed prayers for the poverty, the acceptance of Christ, and a lot of other holy stuff. Since his new-found twitter fame, he has received multiple tweets from hundreds of followers, all saying the same thing: “Fuck me Daddy.”


Everyday, followers of @Pontifex quickly reply to Pope Francis’ words of praise to show their pure intentions. “Fuck me daddy,” “Put me over your penis every night,” and “fuck me with your holy cock” are just a few obscenities.

Offensive? Yes. Hilarious? Fuck yes.

The average demographic of these horny young devils are mostly teens, ranging between 16 and 20 somethings. When asked why they are begging for the Pope’s holy penis, their answers vary.

Lindsay, a 17 year-old twitter user, says “I do it mainly because it’s funny but also as like social commentary?”

Like, omg?

Similar lusty teens bent on breaking off a piece of that Pope dick agree with Lindsay, saying they do it for attention from the Pope or their peers.

Others suggested they were serious, like Jennifer, a slutty teen looking to be absolved from the inside out. She says “If the Pope wanted to fuck me and he would cleanse my soul for it, 100 percent I am down to fuck him. There is literally no other human being I could fuck that would be as close to fucking God as the Pope.”

No commentary has yet been given by Pope Francis, but he’d probably say something like “God bess your bloody filthy souls.”