A retired 61-year-old man in Rome was recently arrested with about a half ounce of cocaine stashed in vitamin C bottles. Italian police discovered the drugs along with about $1000 in cash inside the man’s car.

But this is not your typical grandpa turned drug dealer. This guy was full on breaking bad.

The retiree (who remains unnamed) was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and with his own mortality staring him in the face, decided that he was going to sell drugs. Not just for shits and giggles, though. His goal (or at least what he told police) was to raise enough money selling cocaine to pay for his imminent funeral. He didn’t want his family to be burdened with the cost of his death, and so he decided that the best and fastest way to off-set that, would be by selling drugs.

It was a beautiful sentiment. 

However, now, that all seems unlikely. Unlike Walter White (or Heisenberg) his grand scheme was foiled by a couple of curious cops, who weren’t even that surprised by the whole thing.

It didn't surprise us that much," one of the officers, who asked to remain anonymous, told NBC news.The other day we arrested a 71-year-old man with a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cocaine, and we have even seen mothers hiding drugs in their babies' strollers.”

Sadly, things don’t always play out in reality the same way they do on the silver screen.

The retiree was released on bail, and has a date has been set for his trial. And should he be sentenced, considering his condition it’s probably going to be for life…