To celebrate Independence Day this year, Terrapin Care Station has announced that they are going to start packaging their dank products in American-made containers only.

No longer will their flower jars and joint packs be outsourced to China or elsewhere in the world. No more will foreign companies get to capitalize off of Terrapin’s packaging needs. By the end of July, they expect that all of the product coming out of their dispensaries will have a “Made in the USA” sticker on them.

Image courtesy of Seth Zweig.

 “Since Terrapin’s inception, we have been committed to creating local jobs and supporting local businesses,” Chris Woods, the owner and chief executive of Terrapin Care Station says in a press release. “Planting local roots’ is more than just our mantra; it’s a mission. This is reflected in our commitment to local communities. When you purchase Terrapin products, you are supporting American labor. We’re proud of our pledge to this nation."

COVID-19 has made this a challenging time for the packaging industry, and in light of that fact, Terrapin decided that it was time to bring their packaging home.

“We’re a family-owned American business that wants to support other family-owned American businesses,” Woods says.

In order to do that, Terrapin teamed up with the folks at Drug Plastics and SunGrown, two domestic canna-packing producers.

Image courtesy of Seth Zweig.

Drug Plastics is a company owned by Terrapin and which is still run by the founder’s family. They started small, in their basement in 1963, and have grown to become a huge producer of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical, health and beauty industries (and now, for cannabis, too). They make all of the plastic container’s you’ll find at terrapin (ie flower or shatter jars).

SunGrown is a California based company, who will be in charge of all the non-plastic packages, like Terrapin’s pre-roll boxes for their infamous Terra-pins. Chris Giles, SunGrown’s account executive, says that they’ve been manufacturing for over 60 years, over which time they’ve seen a lot of packaging work migrate offshore.

“The smart companies, like Terrapin, are the ones who have made a commitment to manufacturing at home,” Giles says. “They have reaped the benefits during the recent COVID crisis with no interruption to their supply chain.”

Image courtesy of Seth Zweig.

So, not only does this choice provide Terrapin with a way to lend a helping hand to American businesses right here in the US, but it also insulates them from dependency on foreign producers like China — who has been a less than reliable source through this pandemic. It’s a win-win-win situation for Terrapin, their domestic packaging producers and for The People.

“Ensuring that our packaging is sourced solely from the USA allows us to fulfill our commitment to lift this country,” said Chris Woods, Terrapin’s founder. “Especially as we grapple with a difficult time in our nation’s history.”