Yeah, we don't get it either. 

We love equal rights. We're feminists, mostly because we think the word translates to: "Men and women receive equal treatment." What we don't like, however, is when people think it translates as: "Men are evil, we should get offended all the time and we should do a bunch of crazy shit to fight them or something."

Case in point: Monika Rostvold.

First, she sat naked on the steps of her school's library to … raise awareness of sexual assault. 

But now she’s back, and she’s covered in Chick-fil-A waffle fries and ketchup. Further down, the napkins covering her nether region read: “All you can eat."

Does she hate Chick-Fil-A now? Their owners are super homophobic, but they do make a mean chicken sandwich. 

A nearby Texas State student had this to say: “Men only see women as ‘something to eat’ or an object to do whatever with instead of a person. So the napkins with ‘all you can eat’ cover her nether regions.”

So … should we eat the waffle fries or not? Luckily, another student took matters into his own hands.