ROOSTER MAGAZINE’S THC CLASSIC is Colorado’s largest cannabis and hemp competition. It’s also the only blind-judging cannabis competition, which means, to avoid bias, all submissions are repackaged without any labels or branding before being given to the judges to ensure the most accurate and credible results.

Each year, licensed dispensaries, wholesalers and manufacturers all compete to see who has the best flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape pens and infusions in the Colorado marketplace across 23 categories. Each category has a panel of judges, who meticulously review each strain, assigning an overall score based on a set of criteria (appearance, effect, flavor, etc.). 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were the highest scoring from their respective category; Grand Champion was awarded to the product with the highest score in the competition.

This year we had over 250 submissions; here are the winners from our 13th annual THC Classic. For a full list of the best cannabis products in Colorado, visit or pick up a copy of the Finest Buds Book on stands (also available for purchase at

House of Dankness – Soap


The Cannabist Company – Watermelon Rush


Kindcare of Colorado – Apricot Scones


Billo Premium Cannabis – Sour Sage


House of Dankness – Mai Tai


Snaxland – Zangria


Billo Premium Cannabis – Deep Fried Oreoz


House of Dankness – Soap


Verde Natural + Dablogic –  Disco Berry Hybrid Flower


Billo Premium Cannabis – Peking Duck


NuHi Distribution – Lilac Diesel


NuHi Distribution – Bordello

Shift Genuine Cannabis – Super Lemon Headz 1G Joint


Pot Zero – Purple Reign


Pot Zero – Fall ’97


Next1 Labs – Pink Runtz


Nomad Extracts – Le’ Moon Cake – Cured Sugar Wax


Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Zkittlez Cake Cured Sugar Wax


House of Dankness – Super Boof Cured Sugar


Spectra Powered by Native Roots – Spectra Live Badder – Alien Bubba x Super Lemon Haze


Billo Premium Cannabis – Mexpresso


House of Dankness – Super Sour Lemon FSE


Verde Natural + Dablogic – 90 Micron Live Rosin – Rainbow Belts 3.0


Äkta – Early Riser – Cold Cure Live Rosin


Snaxland – Blame Canada


DŌSD Edibles – Grape 1:1 1000mg Nano Bites


Happy Fruit – Punch Breath – Cookies Huckleberry Gelato


Metta Hemp Company – CBN Infused Nitetime Mini Joints


DADiRRi – Mac N’ Cheese SunRocks


P3 – P3 Wilson We Need More Mangoes


Evolab – Co2lors Infused Pre-rolls, Divorce Cake x Sweet Melon


Sano Gardens – Super Lemon Haze – Amber


Olio – LeMoon Cake


Next1 Labs/Haze – Juicebox LIVE RESIN Watermelon Crush


O.pen – O.pen Daily Strains – Maui Wowie


XVapes – Blueberry Cake


Sano Gardens – Super Lemon Haze – Amber


Sano Gardens – Strawnana – Orchard


Shift Genuine Cannabis – 1970’s Throwback Line: Hindu Kush – 1G Vape Cartridge


Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Strawberry Banana 1G – CSC Fruit Series


Sunshine – Pink Zugar 90u Rosin Cart


Verde Natural + Dablogic – 90 Micron Live Premier Vape – Kiwi Comet


Äkta – Hard Lemonade – Live Rosin Vape


House of Dankness – Super Boof .5G Live Resin Cartridge


Billo Premium Cannabis – Banana Mac


Sano Gardens – Super Lemon Haze – Aqua


Sano Gardens – Reba – Cured Resin


SPHEREX – Pineapple Mimosa


Evolab – Co2lors Sweet Melon All-In-One


Nove – Nove Bliss Strawberrylicious Fudge Bar


Millie’s – Millie’s Live Rosin Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts


LePow Extracts – LePow Extracts Gummy Crunch


Millie’s – Millie’s Live Rosin Fruit Chews


Native Roots – Mr. Moxey’s Sativa Energizing Peppermint


Happy Fruit – Punch Breath – Cookies Hawaiian Rain


Robhots Edibles – ROBHOTS Squishers Gummies | Multipack 100mg, Golden Grape


matter. – matter. Limoncello Gummies


Meloko – White Peach Pomegranate


LePow Extracts – LePow Extracts Pour Up Tore Up Full Spectrum


Keef Brands – Keef Classic Energy Beverage Flo




Infuzionz – Seed & Strain – Topical Balm




Mile High Dabs LLC – Blueberry Donut Flavored Dabs


Mile High Xtractions – Cookies N Dub/Rosillate V-Fire


Juana Dips™ – Juana Dips™ Spearmint 100mg Hybrid


DŌSD Edibles – Grape 1:1 1000mg Nano Bites




Evolab – Co2lors Infused Pre-rolls, Divorce Cake x Grape Dreams

Photography by: 710.jeremy