Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. And speaking of the best, here are the square state's best hybrids.

Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. More than 72 strains were submitted this year in four categories: sativa, indica, hybrids, and concentrates. For each category, we had five judges sample each strain without any knowledge of what the strain was or where it was from. All of our judges were picked based on legality, knowledge, expertise, community involvement and ability to judge consistently and impartially. So, without further adieu, meet 2014's best hybrids.


1st Place: Green Grass // Lucky Charms

Not just for breakfast, this strong hybrid boasts a great anytime smoke that gives new definition to the word smooth.

2nd Place: Flower Power // Cheese Wreck

This indica-dominant hybrid has Cheese and Trainwreck lineage. The dense buds possess a sweet aroma with an uplifting onset and a couch-lock finish.

3rd Place: Green Tree // Romulan White Widow

A perfect pairing of the widowed white lady and Romulan, this hybrid offers all of the benefits of our favorite Sativa/Indica blends with a strong cerebral head buzz followed by full body relaxation. This unique strain is great for head aches and back aches with a deep aroma reminiscent of red wine and oak.

RUNNERS UP (in no particular order)

Boulder Marijuana Company // Jesus Christ

Jesus's smoke goes easy on the lungs and palate with smooth, sweet notes of caramel and kush. This combination of OG Kush and God Bud brings smokers a versatile and inspirational high. Its buds are a beautifully unique and resinous with a ghostly green color.

Boulder Wellness Center // Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with flavors of fruit, vanilla and spice. The nugs are robust and beautiful, oozing sticky resin and accentuated with purpled leaves. Indulge yourself in the creamy, velvety smoke any time of day.

Fresh Baked // Trainwreck

E32 Arcata California cut from 2010 that engulfs the smoker in a calming euphoria. Creeping on the individual at first, the high becomes both creative and perfect for meditation.

Headquarters // The White

The White is the highest potency strain in the HQ library and one of the highest in the state testing above 31 percent THC. Super dense and caked in tricomes, this hybrid is a must-try for any true connoisseur.

Dandelion // Lavender Diesel

A happy hybrid of Lavender and Sour diesels, this indica hybrid boasts dense buds known for their lavender aroma and potent flavor. It’s reminiscent of Afghani hash.

Fox Street Wellness // Girl Scout Cookies

These frost-covered, tight nugs with deep green and purple hues and orange hairs smell earthy and pungent with a slight hint of pepper and sweet mint. Its high is relaxing and creative with a lovely side of pain relief.

Lotus Medical // Grape Stomper

This hybrid strain was developed by Gage Green Genetics for a potency unrivaled by most strains out in the market. It is an amazing cross between Purple Elephant and Chemdog Sour Diesel.

Green Man Downtown // Girl Scout Cookies

Dense trichome-covered nuggets smell of Durban and Kush. Its taste closely mirrors its smell, with a bit of menthol on the exhale. Expect a strong body high with enough buzz to stay awake.

Luv Bud Consulting // Ghost Train Haze

This is our strongest strain to date testing at 23.7% THC. The effects are uplifting in small doses but stupefying in larger doses. Its sweet pine taste resonates in your mouth long after exhaling.

iVita Wellness Center // Trill OG

This 60-percent sativa hybrid lends a comfortable, cerebral effect courtesy of a White Dawg/Fire OG combination. Covered in diamond-patterned trichomes from The White, this cut boasts an earthy, diesel-loaded taste and smell.

Natural Remedies // Cinderella 99 x The White

Description: Cinderella 99 and Krome’s The White bring golf-ball shaped, rainbow-colored buds with an intoxicating sweet-lemongrass, cherry-candy aroma and flavor. She’s a delightful, stoney alliance of world-class genetics, perfect for after-work relaxation and creative stimulation.

Green Man Hampden // Skunkberry

This Cannabis Cup winner is a cross between Skunk No. 1 and Blueberry. Its buds are a wild array of purple, green and light orange, and they smell of blueberry pie. It’s a potent, balanced hybrid, great for stomach issues.

Mile High Green Cross // Sour Grape

Sour Grape promises a very sweet, fruity and creamy taste that lasts entirely throughout. It maintains an incredibly smooth, rich smoke that any experienced user is sure to enjoy. The Sour Grape flowers are very dense, with light, lime-green coloring and a perfect blend of golden amber and pure white trichomes. Mentally stimulating and euphoric with a perfectly balanced narcotic body feel, it’s the ultimate hybrid!

Southwest Alternative Care // Chem 4

A hybrid promoting an earthy aroma, Chem packs an energetic high while also producing a mellow body buzz. It’s a classic and a store favorite.

The Green Room // Jack Flash

Jack Flash is a hybrid strain that provides great energy along with strong cerebral properties.  Both the high and the fruitful smell are unique to the strain, and popular with both the beginner and experienced smoker.

Infinite Wellness Center // Master Kush

Master Kush is an indica dominate hybrid that is extremely effective at relieving stress and inducing relaxation without gumming up the cogs of the mind. Great for patients suffering from ADD, ADHD, pain, and insomnia.

* The judging for the THC Classic was designed to be as accurate and unbiased as possible. All strains were given to the judges in numbered containers distinguished only by sativa, indica, hybrid, or concentrate. Judges were given three weeks to complete the judging so they could accurately observe the effects of each strain and not smoke themselves into a stupor. Judges used joints or clean pipes donated by Incredibowl to smoke each sample to avoid contamination and consistently asses taste and quality. Scoring was based on a weighted, 100-point scale, taking into account appearance, taste, aroma, and effect. After compiling scores from all of the judges, we dropped the highest and lowest scores, leaving us with three consistent scores that we then averaged to get the strain's overall score. Out of each category, the strains with the highest scores received first, second, and third place respectively.

The grand champion of the Classic was the bud with the highest total score. This year, we'd like to congratulate The Green Room on its grand champion strain Star Dawg (a sativa, pictured in the sativa post) taking home the top score of any strain submitted.