Boeing planes are falling apart. Emergency doors are blowing off and into thin air. Engine cover panels are shredding away. Mechanical failures are causing emergency landings and nosedives. And wheels are flinging off of the landing gear. 


It’s no mystery why. Boeing executives cut themselves big bonuses and invested most of the company’s revenue in stock buybacks to appease investors. Meanwhile, it’s only a matter of time before one of its planes falls out of the sky. But that might be the least of Boeing’s worries. 


You may have heard about the Boeing whistleblower who committed suicide, John Barnett. For seven years he had been trying to draw attention to Boeing’s dangerous cost-cutting and general corruption. Over which time, the company tried to ruin his life. But finally, this year, he had started a deposition against the company. He warned his friends and family he wasn’t suicidal. And then — whoops! There he goes. Found dead from a “self-inflicted wound.”


The question is not whether Boeing killed Barnett. That’s obvious to pretty much everyone. The question is, what kind of bombshell was he about to drop that would so threaten a $107 billion company it would have him killed? This is one of the most powerful aviation and aerospace leaders in the world. Boeing makes 42% of the world’s passenger airplanes and it’s face down, ass up in bed with the US military. 


Maybe Boeing is afraid regulation would require stricter manufacturing standards, higher costs, or legal penalties. But honestly, probably not. Few companies are as highly resourced, lawyered up, and well connected. 


What, then, could such a company possibly be so afraid of?


If you don’t have a tin foil hat on yet, I’d recommend grabbing one. Because Boeing has been at the center of every airplane conspiracy over the last half a century. And if Barnett was going to expose the company’s complicity in any one of these scandals that certainly would be grounds for “liquidation.” 


Here are just a few possible conspiracies Boeing helped the Shadow Government and US Military cover up that Barnett might have been on the verge of exposing. 


9/11 — 2001


America woke up to two Boeing 767 passenger jets flying into its World Trade Center. The buildings, designed specifically to withstand such an attack, both failed catastrophically and collapsed at freefall speed perfectly into their own footprints, along with another structurally undamaged Building (7), several blocks away. The US passed the Patriot Act and invaded Afghanistan shortly thereafter and the world has never been the same.  


Malaysia Flight MH370 — 2014


A Boeing 777 takes off from Indonesia bound for China and vanishes into thin air. Despite millions of dollars being sunk into the search for MH-370, we have no idea what happened to the plane a decade later. There’s a convincing satellite video out there of a 777, trailed by orbs, disappearing into a portal. Other theories have suggested the US government shot the plane down because it was carrying spy supplies to China. The corporate media narrative says the pilot was suicidal. Not even the Netflix documentary could get to the bottom of it. 


TWA Flight 800 — 1996


A Boeing 747 carrying 230 people exploded in mid-air and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of New York. Explosive residue was discovered all over the wreckage. At first, it was called an accidental case of “friendly fire” by the US Navy that the government was covering up. Later someone proposed that a meteor had exploded next to the plane. Or that electromagnetic interference from a weapons test had gone awry. Eventually, they dismissed it as a “fuel tank explosion” and swept it under the rug. 


Bridges and Babooms! 


In the dead of night, a tanker ship took a sudden starboard turn, scoring a direct hit with a critical support beam and Francis Scott Key Bridge exploded, costing six people their lives. Some have theorized that this was a cleverly disguised and covered-up terrorist attack. Others have suggested it could have been a controlled demolition (because we know how much our Deep State loves those). But the most likely conspiracy theory is simple. This was the result of unhinged corruption; shortcuts, a lack of safety standards, drunk shipmates, poorly enforced rules for shipping crews, budget cuts, and bonus bumps. All of which culminated in a Michael Bay-style catastrophe.