Pumpkin Spice is Back Y’all
Oh, and you’re so perfect. Tell us again how much you hate tickling your taste buds. No other flavor defines a season quite like pumpkin spice. And this year, companies are coming in hot and we’re here for it. Pillsbury Grands! dropped limited edition pumpkin spice rolls with complimentary icing. And Krispy Kreme is in the mix: cheesecake-filled pumpkin spice donuts. Much yes.

Hemp Farming Quadruples
Last month, the advocacy group Vote Hemp released a few initial numbers from its annual report. Turns out, the U.S. is going heady for hemp — the amount of land farmers are allowed to grow it on (i.e. licenses given) have more than quadrupled in 2019. Thanks to a rework of 2014’s Farm Bill, weed’s prude cousin is about to get its shine in the industry spotlight.

High-powered Seltzer
How many afternoons did you spend this summer getting twisty-dipsy on 5% alcoholic seltzer — one, two, maybe three whole months? Cute, says Four Loko, the official drink of punched walls. Following the craze, the brain-melter announced its take on the trend, a full 14% ABV seltzer. It’s not exactly what we asked for, but it’s what we deserve. Two please!

LeBron Hearts Taco Tuesday
If you spend your time watching other people’s lives on Instagram, you’ll know LeBron James loves him some tacos — especially on Tuesday. So much so that he recently filed for a trademark to build a brand: “Taco Tuesday.” Except … Taco John’s has actually owned it for years. But if the King wants it, shoot, let him have it. Let’s see where this goes.

Selfie Museums K?
Oh Denver, what have you become? First “selfie bars” and now this: a legitimate (and interactive) museum for selfies. Located at 1525 Market Street, The Selfie Museum boasts colorful installations — designed by local artists no less — that give your electronic footprint a certain kind of vibe. It’s, uh, it’s the beginning of something special?

Nicki Minaj ‘retiring’
In a not-so-cryptic tweet, Nicki “what’s she doing here” Minaj claimed to be retiring from entertainment. She wants to settle down and have a family with her partner: a convicted murderer and registered Level 2 sex offender. Not surprisingly, weeks later it was revealed in Elle that she has a new line for Fendi and an album already in final processing. So, she manipulated what few fans she has left to grab headlines. Sad. Bye.

Cali Friendzones CBD
At the end of August, California had the chance to make history. Its Assembly Bill 228 was looking to make it easier for companies to add CBD into beverages and foods — but was postponed until at least 2020. About the delay, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry had this to say: “I am confident that we will have a bill ready for the Governor to sign at the beginning of next year.” It’s a waitin’ game, folks.

Sellout in Record Time
It used to be corporations would take years before entering a scene and completely fucking it up from the inside out — punk rock, extreme sports, music festivals. Years. But now? Literal seconds. Just look at the “sponsors” of last month’s Area 51 festival/raid: Kool-Aid, Bud Light, even Arby’s drove a truck out there to turn a quick buck. Vultures, the lot of ‘em.

[cover photo Freek van der Weijden via Unsplash]