You won’t find ballpoint pens, MacBooks or the elusive purple folder here. Nerd!

IKEA Bumbag
Yeah, it’s a fanny pack, but those Swedes like to just make up words sometimes and we all allow it because they’re cute and figured out healthcare. Make no mistake, however, the IKEA edition “bumbag” will make all the boys come to the yard. Sweet water-resistant fabric (made from actual IKEA bags) and a pencil? School game tight, y’all.  //  $20

The que Bottle
Look at what plastic has done to the entire city of Los Angeles. They all look like melted action figures over there, aliens even. Do your part to stop the madness and buy your reusable bottle from que — a collapsible container made of 100 percent food-grade silicone. Better for you. Better for the planet. Better for us.  //  $25

Lil Henry Desktop Vacuum
It’s 2:00 a.m. and the paper you’ve had all semester to work on is due in a few hours, which means your desk is cluttered with empty NOS cans and crushed up lines of whatever your roommate just gave you. No need to be a slob though, the Lil Henry Desktop Vacuum is here to help.  //  $20

Meme Sticker Packs
No school year is complete without a well-placed meme. And they’re not just for digital walls any longer, no sir. These slaps include all the greatest in viral media, including Crying Jordan, Y Tho, Roll Safe and plenty of others. Bring your reply skills to the real world. The revolution will be memeivised.  //  $9

Drug Testing Kits

DanceSafe is out there doing the lord’s work keeping users and their friends safe from the perils of an unregulated black market. We don’t condone drug use [entered for lawyer purposes] but aren’t so square to act like it doesn’t happen. If getting experimental in these formative years is on the schedule, do it proper and come out the other side alive and well enough to pay taxes.  //  (Prices Vary)