This weekend a projected $10 billion dollars will be on the table for bets surrounding the Stupid Bowl worldwide, and it's not just on the outcome of the game.

This weekend a projected $10 billion dollars — that’s with a ‘B’ — will be on the table for bets surrounding the Stupid Bowl worldwide. It’s also reported that one out of two adult Americans will have at least some money wagered on the game and only 1% of that is gambled legally in Las Vegas. Laws really work!

But whether or not dumb team #1 or dumb team #2 wins is hardly the brunt of those bets. One of the hottest off-action gambling trends right now is with a type of “prop bet” — that is — betting on just about anything that has nothing to do with the end result of the most watched sporting event in all the land.

Yes, there are currently odds out there — and a metric fuck-ton of money — on how long it will take Idina Menzel to sing the National Anthem. There’s also a viral outbreak of bets geared towards Katy Perry’s cleavage and whether or not Bill “Cheaters gonna cheat” Belicheck will break a smile through his concrete-like flesh. Coin toss results, announcers saying the word “Deflate-gate” and camera appearances of Gisele are also on the board for everyone with expendable income.

The other types of “prop betting” are those pertaining to action on the field, and are the only bets that Las Vegas sportsbooks can legally offer. Everything happening off of the field — like Katy Perry’s VIP rack — can only be found on books operated in other countries. Online gambling, of course, is highly illegal, so we take no part in whether or not you bet the farm on Cheater-check’s torn hoodie.

Because after all, nothing says AMERICA like losing rent on something you have absolutely no control over. But we guess it does put a little fire under our ass to watch the worst Super Bowl ever recorded in our existence, of all time, ever, forever and ever. Amen.