There's a small mountain-type community in the foothills of Colorado that loves its puns. It's called Indian Hills Community Center and has racked up over 30,000 followers to its Facebook page so far — one that simply displays its welcome board with a new joke on it every few days. It's a sign that will open up your eyes, one that's demanding, without understanding, says its creator Vince Rozmiarek. 

It all began one storied April Fools day, some years ago, when Rozmiarek put up a simple joke about how the small town was annexed by neighboring Morrison and to "slow down" — something few thought was a joke and actually called the fuzz on it.

“I could not believe how many people were calling the police,” Rozmiarek told 9News. “I really had the people at the Sit N Bull bar scared out of their minds. I did that and just decided that got a lot of attention so I’ll start throwing things up there.”

Fast-forward till now, and it's all the rage.

[all photos courtesy Indian Hills Community Sign Facebook]