It's a kinky world after all. We've always known the asian population to dabble in the world of strange fetishes but developing a sex theme park is something we've never seen before – and immediately added it to our bucket list.

Jeju Loveland is a theme park on the South Korean island of Jeju dedicated to the sweet sweet act of intercourse. Walk the grounds of the 140-acre establishment, taking in the magnificent statues depicting everything from threesomes and sixty-nining to face straddlers and – our personal favorite – the hand shocker.  

The 18-and-up only theme park opened in 2004 when a group of sexually frustrated art students began creating the lovely pieces of naked beauty for a project. Since then, the park as evolved into a wonderland of the good, bad and weird. If you have kids don't worry, there's a childrens area as well. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip now to Jeju Loveland. Just not on Asiana Air.