This means aliens probably get drunk too …

In 2001, the iconic R&B group Jagged Edge questioned “Where The Party At” in its historical party anthem featuring Nelly. Throughout the timeless track, the group can be heard asking “Where the Bacardi at?” — and though numerous attempts are made to answer the perplexing quandary, a finite answer is never met. Until now. It appears NASA, along with several European space agencies, has found a definitive answer. Where the ‘Bacardi at’ is on a comet. A comet aptly named Lovejoy …

In January, Lovejoy passed close to the sun and released 20 tons of water per second while doing so. NASA, along with its European counter-parts, observed the comet’s atmosphere and tail in ways that still blow our mind to think about because we’re not at all that smart. They came to the conclusion that Lovejoy is spewing not only simple sugars, but also ethyl alcohol — a main ingredient in why you feel like dryer-lint shit on Saturday, Sunday, probably Monday and sometimes the rest of the week, depending on your Fireball intake.

The discovery is another notch in the belt of figuring out how we got to this planet. Some researchers believe that comets all over the universe spew certain ingredients that made life, and when the Earth was getting its ass handed to it during the Heavy Bombardment period, the building blocks of everything we know here could have been dropped off — all while we were forming an atmosphere.

Mind … blown. Lovejoy, pass the Bacardi!

"At the time of the peak activity, the comet was releasing the equivalent to 500 bottles of wine per second," Darek Lis, one of the team's researchers, tells ABC News. “You have alcohol and sugar, so that can lead to a 'happy hour' name, but I would not recommend anyone drink this water," Lis adds, buzzkilling the entire world.

It's nice to think that when the time does come to meet our inter-planetary friends of the great beyond, we'll at least have one thing in common. Think about an UBER ride back to Proxima Centauri though — upcharged like a mother f-er!