A phantom serial delinquent with no motive, no name, no clues? Sounds like a job only The Mentalist could handle.

An extremely bored, grown-ass man is wanted for terrorizing the cozy, rich white people of Tucker’s Tavern at Copper Mountain ski resort with repeated stink bombs. No one knows why he’s doing this, and no one has yet identified him.

Deputies in Summit County are searching for the man who has sullied Tucker’s Tavern more than a dozen times over the past three years. The owners of the tavern have added surveillance cameras to the property specifically for this series of smelly stink bombings.

According to a report, just after 9 p.m. on Sept. 17 a person described as an older white male was captured on video "throwing a plastic bottle filled with an unknown putrid smelling liquid onto the patio" at the tavern.


"This is the 13th incident over the past three years where a similar-looking male has thrown 'stink bombs' onto the patio of this establishment," tavern owner Jan Skultety told CBS.

Unlucky number 13 might not be the last hit for this rogue mad man.

The suspect was caught on camera during the latest incident and was described in the most generic, least-helpful detail possible:  a man wearing a baseball cap, a blue or green jacket and khakis. Nice, we’ve already got like 56,000 people in mind.

According to a news report, “Skulety is worried for his family's safety since the suspect apparently knows what hours they are at the business.” This could only mean the criminal has access to Yelp reviews or possibly a dusty gem-top Mac desktop computer from 2002. A high-tech criminal mastermind with a slightly immature sense of humor, no doubt.

"We have no clue why someone would want to do this to us, we can't think of a reason or a person who has a grudge against our independently-owned small business," Skulety told CBS.

However, we suspect the grudge isn’t even a real grudge, or the stink-bomber would resort to more permanent measures. Irritating someone with a bad smell every few months is a really obvious way of saying “I hate you, but not that much, what's up? I love you.”

Due to the bombings, the family was forced to have the patio carpets professionally treated and cleaned. Getting rid of the horrible stench left over from the multiple rounds of stink bombs has been very difficult.

If one gets close enough they can still smell the faint woebegone scent wafting through Copper Canyon.