According to Joanna Van Vleck of the orgasmic meditation group OneTaste, there's a secret clit in every woman's throat that's capable of producing intense orgasms for women when they suck dick. That's why she's on a mission to show you how oral sex can be just as pleasurable for the ladies as it is for the gents.

Joanna insists this is more than some masochistic male fantasy straight out of Deep Throat 3. Instead, it's a completely new approach to oral sex that focuses on the pleasure of women.

We were skeptical at first, but our wariness dissipated after we saw the blurbs on Joanna's website, which were certainly promising…

Sucking cock for my own pleasure changed the way I related with men. Before I did it out of obligation or to make him feel good. Now the primary reason is because I have a hungry desire and lust for cock.—Yia V.

The first time I sucked a cock for my own pleasure, I took him all the way into my mouth, and I could feel the pulsing of his cock in my pussy. I had no idea it could be that intensely pleasurable.—Lianna

Right, so back to the throat clit. Joanna found out about it after studying orgasmic meditation, which teaches women to carry out sexual acts for their pleasure alone. "When I do it for me, I get what I want, and he gets exactly what he wants," she said in her instructional video, Oral Sex for Her Pleasure.

So, how does one achieve these valuable life skills? Joanna says it's all about "goallessness," or letting go of the notion that oral sex is purely for male pleasure. "Most women think of blow jobs as something they do for the guy, so it becomes all about getting him off and they forget to focus on their own pleasure. It's difficult to break this dynamic because as soon as you focus on yourself, you worry that you're neglecting your partner or being selfish," she said. "It's difficult to accept that doing whatever feels good to you is going to be good for your partner, too."

Alright. All that's fine and dandy, but we were much more interested in how and why women can get pleasure from sucking dick. Take it away, Joanna:

The first thing to know is that the mouth has a very high concentration of nerve endings. You probably already know this if you think about it even if no one has pointed it out to you. Your mouth, your tongue, your lips, your soft palate, the back of your throat are more exquisitely sensitive than the inside walls of your pussy. It’s exquisitely sensitive to pressure, texture, temperature, and your mouth can taste. This exquisite sensitivity is why food is so damned enjoyable, why kissing feels so fantastic.

 Fact is, going down on him engages all of your senses and brings them into close proximity to his cock. It is a sensual, sensuous experience. Instead of trying to stimulate him by rubbing his rod, or trying to do something to it, let him experience you fully feeling him. Awaken your mouth, let all of your nerve endings fire against the nerve endings in his skin. Take him in with all of your senses. Don’t let him tell you what to do, tell him you’re going to be using his body to pleasure yourself, and he has the privilege of enjoying you do it. A fully awakened mouth (or hand or breast or pussy) feels completely different to the receiver. That is what he’s really here to experience.

And that's just the beginning. Joanna outlines exactly how women can come while blowing a dude in painstaking detail in her video and instructional e-book, but for that, we had to pay the outrageous price of $8. And we wouldn't wish that cost on our worst enemy, so of course, we've summarized the e-book and the video for you here.

A few things to remember before you start:

– Go slow. You're in control, and this is about you doing what you want. If you've got XY chromosomes and you're reading this, first of all, hi, and second of all, be patient.

– There's no end goal. Again, this is about you. Every stroke matters. It's not about making either of you come, although if you do, great; we've got a congratulatory steak and stripper waiting for you.

– A soft dick can be just as pleasurable as a hard dick for the both of you. Soft dicks have an entirely different texture, and Joanna would like you to explore the hell out of it.

– Be in approval of all the peaks and valleys of the experience. Sometimes it's going to be great, other times it'll be hard. Sometimes he's going to be really into it, sometimes he's not. But whatever's happening, know that it's okay. If you're not coming out of your mouth the first few times you try it, or if he doesn't come when you try it, it doesn't matter. It just matter that you focus on your pleasure.

– Practice makes perfect. "You can't just say, 'Oh, let me throw a cock in the back of my throat' and expect to get off," says Joanna. We like her.

The nitty-gritty:

– Always keep your hand or body in connection with his dick.

– You have to let yourself become vulnerable. Men feel more in their bodies and cocks when you're willing to be vulnerable.That means a few things…

  • Letting go of the need to perform. There's no need to moan, gaze sexily into his eyes, or talk dirty. It's not a show, and you're not Farrah Abrhams auditioning to have sex with James Deen … again.
  • Letting go of physical insecurities. You're going to be gagging, crying, snotting, and shaking, making faces that would scare a child into therapy. This isn't your America's Next Top Model audition tape, it's your mouthgasm. You're not going to look "hot" in the way that you wish you would,  so relax and realize that's not something you have to worry about.
  • Letting his dick slide past your gag reflex. This is the most vulnerable thing you can do; his cock is like one molecule away from ending your life by asphyxiation at that point. But you have to trust yourself and him when you reach that place if you want to find your throat clit, because your throat clit is right past your gag reflex. When you get there, hold his cock at your gag reflex and open your throat up even more until it slides past it, remembering that this is for your pleasure.

– Now, about the whole having an orgasm in your mouth thing. There's a trick. Before you put your face hole anywhere near his penis, you need to get in touch with what it's like for you to orgasm with your vagina. This involves spending some time making sweet, nasty love to yourself, exploring how using different pressures and strokes in different places makes you feel. Maybe it's your clit that sends you into hyper-space. Maybe it's your G-Spot .. or A-Spot … or a combination of the three. Hey, maybe it's even your somewhere in your butt, we're not judging. But whatever it is, make yourself come and remember what it feels like to be that aroused and orgasmic. Take your time.

– Okay, now, remember five seconds ago when we told you how you have to slide his dick past your gag reflex to have a mouthgasm? When you're doing that, and when you find that spot, think about what it feels like when you orgasm vaginally (or anally). Imagine that place is in that spot in your mouth. Joanna would literally like you to imagine your mouth is your pussy, and it's fucking his dick, and it feels great.

– As his cock hits the back of your throat, feel for your “spot”. In the back of your throat is a sensitized, soft spot which when touched produces pleasurable convulsions throughout your body. Take your time to find it. Slowly tap his cock on the back of your throat. Use his cock to stroke this sensitive spot yourself and take your full pleasure. And continue to soften. Let the iris of your throat slowly open to the head of his cock as it gently presses in deeper. Pause as you need to and then slide it further back. If you start coughing, relax and pause. And then keep going.

Great. You should feel something like this:

Wasn't that wonderful? We've got to say that we're pretty convinced the throat clit is a thing, and you can bet your sweet ass we've got the office doing some rigorous R&D to substantiate all of Joanna's claims. 

If you want Joanna's O.G. version of the instructions, you can go here. Otherwise, if that satisfied your every need, then we hope you have fun with your new throat clit. And guys, we hope you have fun with your new pickup line, "Hey baby, let me hit your throat button," guaranteed to work every time, 60 percent of the time.