You check your phone too much. Be real. 

How many times a day do you check your phone? Come on, answer honestly. 

That many? It's probably more. And when you factor in how many times you do it during dinner, hanging with your friends, watching TV, when you should be working or at the gym, you've got a big-ass chunk of time that you're joylessly pissing right down your leg. 

As a fun experiment, I turned my phone off for four whole days. If anyone desperately needed me, they could deal with their problems on their own like a grown adult. If people wanted to hang out, we could meet downtown or make plans to meet in the future, like people did in the old days. 

Guess what I missed in those four days? Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. It was awesome not being tethered to that piece of shit techology. Sure it makes life easier, but it kinda makes us its bitch too. 

But we're all just overgrown monkeys reacting to stimuli. App developers know that, and they deliberately build their tech to short-circuit our reward centers, compelling us to check and check and like and comment in an endless cycle of being on our phones 24/7.

If you're looking for relief without turning your phone off completely, you've just found it. By using this hack, you'll be reminded how stupid most of the Internet is and take the first step toward weening yourself off the digital teat. 

Try it. I love it. It works perfectly for making calls, finding directions or texting your mom back, but sucks the stupid life out of Instagram and Facebook and other time-wasting sites. Give it a whirl. You'll love it too.