The truth is out there … and it's only like, 20 minutes away.

I was laying on the hill in front of my house in Boulder with my friend. We were looking up at the clouds when I saw it.

From the right corner of my periphery, an orange disc the color of a traffic cone floated across the sky.

It didn't immediately register as surprising. Initially, it just seemed like a Frisbee.

But then I realized it was a really big Frisbee. It was about the size of a kiddie pool. It was slow, too. Way too slow for a Frisbee. About 30 feet off the ground, it rotated lazily, its movement far from terrestrial. It took about 10 seconds to make its way across my field of vision all the way to my left where it disappeared over the top of some cottonwood trees.

My friend saw it too. We knew what we'd seen. We turned to each other with expressions of pure shock and excitement on our faces, and ran inside to call everyone we knew.

Since then, so many of my friends have met my UFO story with stories of their own that I've become moderately obsessed with finding out just how alien-rich this state is.

After all, people see UFOs all the time here. The San Luis Valley in Southwestern Colorado is internationally recognized as a hotbed of UFO activity, so much so that it has a specially built UFO watchtower installed somewhere in its vast expanse. In the past two years alone, there have been five major UFO sightings all across the state; all seen by multiple people who all reported the same unusual activity.

That's probably why people have started to catalog and research Colorado's UFO activity.

One site,, set out find out which counties in Colorado had the highest degree of UFO sightings. They conducted their survey on sightings per 100,000 people  — and while Boulder surprisingly made the list, it's far from the top.

So, whether you believe or just want to, you have a pretty great chance of seeing something out of this world yourself in one of these places. Don't blame us if you get abducted.


Montezuma County, CO
31.36 sightings per 100K


Las Animas County, CO
33.03 sightings per 100K


Boulder County, CO
35.87 sightings per 100K


Archuleta County, CO
41.29 sightings per 100K


Moffat County, CO
44.62 sightings per 100K


Chaffee County, CO
71.97 sightings per 100K


Huerfano County, CO
75.47 sightings per 100K


Alamosa County, CO
87.87 sightings per 100K


Park County, CO
92.99 sightings per 100K


Saguache County, CO
96.77 sightings per 100K