Martin Connor loves hip-hop, and graphs and mathemetical things with stuffs. 

Martin Connor loves hip-hop. But he doesn’t love hip-hop in the way normal heads love hip-hop, because he loves dissecting it, intellectualizing it and, more importantly, shoving data into graphs for the world to see. He says via his blog he gets hate mail all the time about it, too, because it’s the Internet — it's weird if hate mail isn't in your life. It's the world we live in now …

He says that won’t ever stop his love of a music genre most of us listen to on a daily basis, however, because it's just who he is.

Recently Martin compiled a bunch of words using fancy computer thingies and jargon whatnots to figure out which rappers are the most redundant of the brood to fill an insatiable curiosity. Who repeats repeats repeats their words the most in hip-hop?

“This chart measures what rappers repeat the same words the most,” says his blog. It’s a simple visualization of the data compiled from lyric sites around the web and thrown into an algorithm that is “similar to vocabulary density, but uses ngrams instead of individual words.”

Mmmmk, sure, that’s all for Martin and his co-creator to worry about. We just wanted to see the graph.

And the meme that inspired it all?