It's our favorite two things: food and not moving.

Who has time to go to a restaurant and actually order food anymore? We're all busy. Like, really busy. In fact, we can't even spend the time punching a few buttons on our phone for a circle of hot greasy garbage. We need a faster option, dammit!

Thankfully, a few fast-food joints have heard the complaints coming out of our food-stuffed mouths, and they're experimenting with getting us their shit even faster.

Get Dominos just by opening their app

After you download Domino's app, you set up all your info and pizza preferences. Then just by opening it, the app orders you pizza and delivers. God, what a world.

Get even more Dominos by Tweeting emojis

Last year, the pizza chain introduced the “tweet to order” system. With the program, customers could tweet a pizza emoji at the brand to order a fresh pie. That's it.

Buy Sonic's artisan shakes on Instagram

With Instagram's "Buy Now" feature, jerks can order these stupid shakes just by hitting a single button.

Taco Bell's ChatBots take orders and make recommendations

Finally, you don't have to talk to anyone at Taco Bell to actually get tacos.The taco chain recently teamed up with workplace instant-messaging service Slack to launch "TacoBot." The bot can answer questions, recommend items and even offer sassy responses.