These mini cannabis pumpkin pies are here to turn your Thanksgiving into a nearly-catatonic-yet-highly-chill Danksgiving.

To the best of our knowledge, weed has gone mainstream. We know this because more people smoke weed than cigarettes now, and Americans who live in weed-friendly states are spending more money on marijuana than booze.

But if you had any shred of doubt, or any lingering inkling of fear that weed is still the evil narcotic it was once considered to be, the fact that it's officially been made into something minature and pumpkin spice-flavored should clear things right up for you.

That's right, minions: mini cannabis-infused pumpkin pies are a thing now, and they're here to turn your Thanksgiving into a nearly-catatonic-yet-highly-chill Danksgiving.

And with this discovery, we'd like to proclaim that weed is officially basic. Becky and her Starbucks PSL Pinterest board totally agree.

Denver-based cannabis bakery Sweet Grass Kitchen is the creator of these tiny pumpkin pie edibles, and 2015 marks the fourth year in a row they've rolled them out. Since their debut in 2012, they've become immensely popular; more than 12,000 pies have been sold in total with nearly 7,000 pie sales in 2014 alone. Probably 11,995 of those were from Becky. We mean it is, after all, imperative to welcome the autumn harvest with the seasonal kiss of pumpkin spice … and stuff. People love PS!

Proof: “Our customers have been asking about the pumpkin pies almost as much as our budtenders have been asking when we’ll get them in the store. Nothing brings in the fall season quite like Sweet Grass Kitchen pumpkin pies. We’re looking forward to having them on the shelf and encouraging customers to enjoy them throughout the holiday season,” said Dan Glenn, operations manager at Dank dispensary in a press release.

Yes because the only thing better than delicious paste-au-pumpkin is when that shit gets you hiiiiigh.

The individually packaged personal pies are "seasoned and baked to perfection to welcome the cool nights of fall in Colorado." Their shortbread crust is where the weed's at; it's infused with full flower cannabutter and filled with a butt ton of warm spices and pumpkin custard. If you really want to dive face-first into the hedonistic pool of joy that is the mini weed pie, stick some whipped cream on top of it and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. You'll be so relaxed and happy in the other dimension it launches you into that you won't even notice your uncle's annual racist Thanksgiving dinner rant. Maybe he'd like his own pot pumpkin pie? Please shut up Uncle Terry? Please?

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s weed pumpkin pies will be sold both recreationally and medically at dispensaries across Colorado. The recreational pies contain 10mg of active THC while the medical pies contain 75mg of active THC. Visit to find locations serving Sweet Grass Kitchen’s holiday treat! The pies will be available for your loving consumption on Oct 27.