In-N-Out Burger has supposedly been coming to Colorado “soon” for the last decade. But, now it looks like it’s actually about to happen — three different locations are preparing to open In-N-Out’s in the coming months and people are getting hyped.

But how will California’s favorite burger fare in the Centennial State?  

Probably pretty well, considering how many Californians live here, alone. If nothing else these In-N-Out’s will be able to survive on Cali-immigrants seeking a taste of their cultural cuisine, a taste of home. But, they’ll also certainly get their share of Colorado locals looking to get down on California’s infamous Double Doubles.

In-N-Out was founded in 1948 by the Canadian couple, Harry and Esther Snyder, who were some of the first people to develop the idea of a “drive-thru” for hamburgers. Over the decades their business expanded to become an iconic symbol of life in California — eventually spilling over the state’s borders into Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oregon.

Now it seems, they’ve finally arrived here in Colorado.

"Our construction work continues to move forward for our locations in Colorado Springs, Aurora and Lone Tree," Denny Warnick, In-N-Out Burger vice president of operations, told 9News. "We are still on track to open our first three Colorado restaurants by the end of the year, and of course our distribution center will need to be operational by that time to support these locations.”

That means that some time in the next month and a half, Coloradans (and California transplants) will be able to get their hands on Double-Doubles and Animal Fries. Locals will start learning how to order off the secret menu (ask for that 4×4 animal-style, baby).

Hopefully, that is. I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, and rumors have been circulating about In-N-Out finally coming to this state for the last ten years. But it’s never actually happened. The hype was all for naught.

However, this time things are different — they’ve actually built these locations custom, and soon it seems In-N-Out actually will be available right here in Colorado.

"We are very much looking forward to serving Double-Doubles in Colorado late this year, and we appreciate our customers there that have shared their anticipation with us as well," said Warnick.

The proposed In-N-Out in Aurora will be next to the Town Center at Aurora on East Alameda Avenue and South Abilene Street. In Colorado Springs it will be on Interquest Parkway and Voyager Parkway (northeast of the city proper). And Lone Tree’s In-N-Out is going to be right next to the Park Meadows mall.

They’re also working on a massive 97,900 square-foot distribution center in Colorado Springs, suggesting that these three locations will not be their last in Colorado. It seems that the era of In-N-Out is finally upon us.