Apple can sue Samsung again and again until Johnnie Cochran rises from the grave but that won't negate the fact that the Korean electronics manufacturer is becoming a real pain in the ass for the largest company in the world by valuation. Samsung already surpassed Apple as the largest seller of smartphones – by almost double the percent of market share – as was reported in the third quarter of 2012. Apple's high price points and limited carrier contracts contribute to the growing difference in market share and while Apple is working on cheaper devices, Samsung is going head-to-head with the Cupertino goliath on everything from phones to computers to televisions. But when it comes to smartphones, Samsung has released new technology that's hard to overlook when considering the future of mobile devices.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) Samsung unveiled their flexible phone which it's been working on for years – and it is fucking awesome. The new screen allows the user to bend, twist or fold it until your heart desires without conspicuously distorting the coloring or images. The screen also wraps around the edge of the phone for wider display area showcasing graphics on the side of the phone. Of course, all good things come with a cost. The flexible screen limits the amount of size and rigidity of vital processing and memory technology. Nuances that will be worked out over time, but for now, hamper the phones competitiveness. For now, the future of smartphones looks incredible. We just hope Apple has its own tricks up its sleeve to fend off the growing presence of Samsung.