Earlier this month President Trump sat down for an interview with Laura Ingraham in order to keep his campaigns energy level up after the RNC. Coming off a handful of Twitter explosions, he gave Laura the story of all stories without prompt or provocation. Thug Plane. Like the Samuel L. Jackson movie, but the snakes are Antifa members flying to DC looking for trouble. I know this sounds like I’m making it up, it’s as bold a statement as it is a great movie pitch, so let me give you some exact quotes.

President Trump implies at one point during the interview that if Joe Biden is elected president, “they” win and take over. Ingraham follows up with the question “Who do you think is pulling Biden’s strings? Is it former Obama people?”, until she is cut off once again by this nugget of gold statement from the president. “People you’ve never heard of. People that are in the dark shadows, people that are…”, Ingraham tries stopping the dip into conspiracy discussion, but the president navigates past the attempt. “People that you haven’t heard of. People on the streets. People that are controlling the streets. We had somebody from a certain city this weekend, and in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this, and that.” Ingraham asks the President for the source on this information. “I’ll tell you sometime, but it’s under investigation right now. But they came from a certain city, and this person was coming to the RNC, and there were like 7 people on the plane like this person. And then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage.” Since this statement, Trump has doubled down on the claim but still hasn’t revealed a source. Normally as a journalist, no source means no story, but since we’re qualifying source-less information as credible from our President…I figured I’d throw out a couple hypotheticals (Ben Shapiro style) that could have led to Trump making this claims and doubling down. Keep in mind that with no source to fact check, these scenarios are just as likely as the Thug Plane existing at all.

Scenario 1: Since our president is a white male in his 70’s, it is safe to assume that he falls asleep most nights watching some news program. Only let’s say hypothetically, this night Trump chose to turn on TBS instead of his typical Fox News. Why would he turn on TBS? Because they were showing The Little Rascals, and it was our president’s obligation to make sure he wasn’t removed from another childhood classic a la Home Alone 2. Trump’s attention span for poor children is very low, hypothetically speaking, so he falls asleep pretty early on and misses his cameo appearance. He later wakes up to people screaming, and due to his recent need for bunker inspections he assumes the worst. He looks at the TV as a group of criminals have taken over a plane. Hypothetically speaking, it’s fair to assume that Trump would forget he had fallen asleep to something other than the news, because of all the excitement, and believe that he was watching a breaking story on Fox instead of Con Air starring Nicolas Cage which plays on TBS constantly after 10pm. Without context it’s very possible that the president would believe, hypothetically, that a group of thugs had taken over a plane with only a handful of guards to stop them. It was hard to grasp everything in the middle of all the hypothetical stress, but it would be fair to assume there were something like 7 guards and the rest of the people on the plane were violent thugs looking to do big damage under the direction of John Malkovich. Thereby making the President’s statement true, in a sense. 

Scenario 2: In this scenario, everything the president said is 100% factual. There was really a plane filled with violent people, and it is really under investigation. Why would the president know all this? Because hypothetically, the TSA screwed up big time. The amount of oversight on their part would be astounding. This would mean they weren’t checking any of the bags, meaning they hypothetically could have missed any variety of Antifa weaponry ranging from bricks to cans of soup being carried onboard. They allowed a large group of people in dark, black, military type gear to all board the same plane. The president, hypothetically, couldn’t allow this news to spread. If there was any month America needed to preserve faith in the TSA, it was September. So hypothetically, President Trump bit the bullet and leaked the news to keep his constituents informed…but at the cost of looking like a fool and a scapegoat to the liberal news media. If all of this is hypothetically true, this would verify the presidents claims as fact.

Scenario 3: This scenario is the fastest, and arguably the most plausible. Without putting to much investigative journalism into this claim, I would argue that it’s safe to say President Trump doesn’t enjoy the company of poor people…hypothetically. In fact, he kind of made being rich his brand. So, it would be safe to assume that his source was somebody who was used to first-class flights, if not a private flight all together. Meaning one could believe that Trump’s source is hypothetically just a rich socialite who was forced to fly coach on the way to the RNC. Due to the vast lifestyle differences and the privacy given in first-class, it would be fair to assess that coach would seem like it was full of dangerous thugs. This would reaffirm the idea that poor people are a problem and a threat, thereby making the claims made in during the Ingraham interview true.

Of course, all of this is false to my knowledge, and it was done for the sake of humor but imagine if I had claimed any of these scenarios as fact. Imagine I told you that all of this was absolutely true because I have a source that I can’t disclose. Would you question my credibility, or would you believe a lack of sources makes my story undeniably true? In a time where “Fake News” is an everyday claim, it’s important to check credibility and discern truth from fiction regardless of who this information is coming from.