Those crazy Danes are at it again with a new method to stop speeding motorists: Boobies. Tan, oiled boobies that are affixed to women called “Bikini Bandits,” whose job it is to hold up signs displaying the speed limit, then shake the living shit out of their jugs. Get ready for a pun in 3…2…1… Booby Trap. Booby Speed Trap. Okay, there, we said it. Moving on.

“It’s a fantastic idea. It’s really kind of obvious,” remarked a handsome young trucker whose raging boner was conveniently concealed by the door of his vehicle. Check out what his dick was pointing at:

Said one boobed babe,

People are slowing down. People are noticing!

No shit, you stupid, sexy civil servant. People slowed down so much, that no one was speeding at all, ever. Because their speedometers were at 0. Because they all stopped their cars to gawk. Because there were big ol’ titties out on the side of the road. Oh, you Danes!