With his days in office dwindling, his support shrinking, a second impeachment looming, and businesses and people cutting ties with him like ropes fastened to a burning ship, Donald Trump is lashing out at everyone around him. He’s fired most of his staff who haven’t yet quit, the Whitehouse is sparsely populated, and the few aids and cabinet members who still show up, deliberately avoid the Oval Office, where the orange man has been cooped up and brooding on his tarnished legacy for nigh on a week.

Donald Trump is more isolated than he’s ever been. And now, he’s pushing away one of his biggest fanboys — Rudy Giuliani — his lawyer, partner in crime and occasional drag buddy — by refusing to pay his absurdly expensive legal fees.

Apparently, when Trump hired Giuliani he had agreed to pay his $20,000 a day for his services. An obscene figure which Giuliani denies, but which is apparently in writing. Now it makes sense why the scuzz-bag ex-mayor of NYC has been defending Trump like he’s a god. For $20,000 a day, it's honestly surprising he wasn’t sucking the president’s dick under the resolute desk.

And, maybe he was. There’s no knowing what the terms of Trump and Giuliani’s relationship actually were, but it is clear that Trump has decided that his lawyer didn’t deliver and so he’s not going to pay him — the game wasn’t worth the candle — Giuliani’s juice wasn't worth the squeeze.

It’s a classic Trump move: hire someone for a job, let them do the job (usually at their own detriment), then accuse them of not having done an adequate job when it’s finished and simply refuse payment. He’s done this to cleaners, construction companies, writers, members of his presidential staff and, of course, to lawyers.

Giuliani really should have seen this coming. In all fairness, though, he probably had hair dye running in his eyes and simply couldn’t.