Last Tuesday, CNN asked a panel of Trump voters on live TV what they thought of his tweets. Were they working? Were they not?

Surprisingly, their responses weren't the sort of adoring "He's our dearest leader" anyone expected.

Instead, their message was clear, unanimous and so on-point: that man has got to stop fucking tweeting.

“He doesn’t think about it,” said Scott McCommons, a man who voted to install Trump in the White House. “I think he can do a lot better things with his time.”

Well, that was constructive. Others didn't put it quite so nicely, though.

“In some situations, [his tweets are] an excellent thing because he’s able to get the word out very quickly and perhaps get reactions and responses back,” said another Trump minion named Ilene Wood. “But at the same time, it creates a possibility of engaging your mouth before you’ve engaged your brain.”

Shots fired, Ilene! Don't forget to check your Twitter to see if his 304-word meltdown response is live yet!

All of the voters on the panel suggested that Trump's Twitter account gave them the impression that he had little self-control, something that made at least one of them regret their choice of POTUS.

"He needs to tone it down and forget about Snoop Dogg, forget about Arnold Schwarzenegger,” said Ray Starner. “We don’t really care about them, do we?”

“I don’t,” McCommons said. “If you want to be on The Apprentice, step down. Let someone else run the country.”

It's too bad all the polar ice caps are melting and drowning seaside communities, because Trump's gonna need some ice for that burn.

CNN also wondered how Trump's supporters felt about his bizarro wiretapping allegations against President Obama. Most responded that there was no evidence it ever happened, and by tweeting out baseless accusation at Obama for no apparent reason: “It makes [him] no better than the journalists that [he’s] assailing,” one said.

“Show us the proof, don’t Tweet it,” McCommons added. “Nobody got in that building and set up wiretaps. He knows it. He won’t admit it. And that’s the kind of stuff that angers me. It’s un-presidential.”

Join the club, McCommons. Join the club.

Meanwhile. the Twitter community has found a way of responding to Trump's internet diarrhea in their own special way. One Twitter user, @burnedyourtweet, just invented this extremely useful robot that not only prints out Trump's tweets and lights them on fire, but also automatically uploads a video of the carnage back to Twitter and tags Trump in it: