Ten bucks to whoever can get The Don to try an edible …

Money is the only thing that matters to some people in this world. And usually, those are the people who have a ton of it. 

Speaking of rich assholes, Donald "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Trump is in Denver today, talking about god knows what to who knows who. We're sure it's going to be something specific to the wall he wants to build or how this country isn't really that great anymore. He'll also talk about money and Mexicans. More specifically, how much money he has and what the Mexicans are doing to us to ensure we all remain poor.

None of us really believe that though, or so we hope …

In honor of the Orange One's visit to the Mile High, here are 5 'Mexicans' that are far richer than he is. (Ten bucks to whoever can get him to try an edible.)

Carlos Slim Helú

"Slim" was once ranked the richest person in the world. From 2010 to 2013, he held the esteemed place amongst universe elite. Valued at around $72.9 billion (because, let's be honest, these things are always just a guesstimate at best), Helú still manages to wrigle his way around the top 5. Still doesn't own enough to pay for that wall Trump keeps on about though …

Alberto Baillères Gonzalez & Family

Alberto Baillères Gonzalez is the owner of El Palacio de Hierro, a swanky department store in Mexico — and is the son of business mogul Raúl Baillères. As of 2015, Gonzalez is worth an estimed $9.6 billion, according to Forbes. That's approximately 48,241,206 Trump steaks. In case you wanted to know.

Iris Fontbona

This classy lass is worth an astounding $13.8 billion dollars due in part to her valued interests in mining. Forbes also lists Fontbona as the 3rd richest mom in the world — something Trump may or may not have a hard time grasping the concept of. 

Joseph Safra

Coming in at a measly $15.2 billion net worth, Joseph Safra's lineage of wealth can be traced back many hundreds of years. Seems even in the 1200s bankers ran the world. How things remain the same …

German Larrea Mota-Velasco

German Larrea Mota-Velasco, while often holding the title of being the 2nd richest person in Mexico, keeps to himself. Valued at over $10.5 billion, Mota-Velasco just does what he does and doesn't make a stink about it. He is, in fact, nothing like Trump. But he sure is wealthier.