This is pretty much on par with the moon landing and the advent of the internet. 

We're filled with luscious childlike wonderment and glee on this Friday morning because we just found out something amazing: you can deep fry Sriracha into little balls of oral orgasm.

That must mean there is a God.

How did it take this long for humanity to unlock this code? We've been putting Sriracha on everything from cereal to steak to more steak to pizza for years now, so how did this little chunk of culinary achievement escape our knowledge?

Nevermind that though, let's just get in to how you make these little fuckers.

The recipe comes from Oh Bite It, a blog that takes ordinary sustenance and turns it into beyond-indulgent Frankenfood creations that'll infuriate your primary care doctor and gently caress your taste-buds in one fell swoop. 

Here's what you'll need:

That's just honey cornbread mix, Sriracha, one egg and canola oil.

You mix the cornbread, Sriracha and egg in a bowl until it thickens. You put 1 teaspoon of your newly mixed batter into 350-degree canola oil until it's a nice, golden brown color.

You fry those balls.

You get down on that shit.

You satisfy your need.

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