Because you've already watched everything else …

First MTV starts showing music again and now this? As part of DirectTV's initiative to smother its fair share of the golden millennial generation, a new network completely devoted to EDM is set to launch in a few short days.

EDMTV will begin broadcasting on March 14, during Miami's Music Week, and is said to include programming like scripted shows, documentaries, broadcast news, event coverage and 3D festival streaming. 

“The music is just the start,” says the network’s founder Matt Bolton. “The people, the places, the deals, the real stories that are alive in the scene is what we’re after. We want to incubate, stimulate and dedicate ourselves to this task. It really is an honor to become the first network ever to do content that is specific to electronic music and the culture it nourishes.”

We really hope this isn't just a ploy from out-of-touch execs trying to cash in on a popular genre, but who knows these days? It's safe to say that if it puts too much focus on places like Miami, there's not going to be a lot that we'll relate to in Colorado — but if it ever wants to film out here and see what a devoted scene looks like, we'll welcome the network with open arms. Just let us know ahead of time so we can finally hit pause on our Netflix que. Hurry up with it, too, we're running out of shit to watch … (Brendon Dassey is innocent!)

Top EDM Artists Showing Their Support for EDMTV Network!

We want to say thanks to some of our favorite DJs and Producers for sending in their shout outs endorsing EDMTV Network!Showtek / Aero Chord / Dash Berlin / W&W / Robbie Rivera / Sidney Samson / Dada Life / Danny Avila / Martin Solveig / Shogun Audio / Infected Mushroom / John Dahlbäck / Zomboy / Will Sparks / Rusko#EDMTV #EDMTVNETWORK #WEBRINGTHEPARTY

Posted by EDMTV Network on Thursday, January 28, 2016