Only "real women" have tits that can impersonate Office Depot.

The underboob is arguably the most underappreciated of the various boob perspectives. The top cleavage view is standard and the side boob titillates the imagination, but the rare mystique of the bottom boob makes it the tops in the world of fleshy sphere angles. But now, thanks to a new self-serving internet activism trend, the underboob has become less of a delightful sight and more of a controversial statement about the meaning of a "true woman."

Following the schematic of the cultural phenomenon that is [Random Noun] Challenge, the Underboob Pen Challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Women share pictures of pen(s) buried beneath ample boobage in the name of a cause somehow loosely related … to something …

The craze originated in China, where ladies are being challenged to prove they are “true women” in the sense that a true woman embraces her curves (i.e. the underboob). Millions of photos have already been shared online under the hashtag #UnderboobChallenge, as women clamor to prove to all 12 of their bot followers that they're reaaal bona-fide ladies because they've got pens in their boobs.

Of course, this is a slightly problematic definition of womanhood … According to the Underboob Pen Challenge’s definition of a “true woman,” women with with small boobs just … aren’t women. Same goes for women with perky tits too enthusiastic to sag into to the realm of Sharpie storage. Oh, and female children? Not female. Mastectomy patients? Fakers. Chicks who resist being feminized based on the size and shape of their boobs? Direct these ladies to the men’s room!

By the Underboob Pen definition, this right here constitutes a true female:

Yes, of course, because the true measure of femininity is not chromosomal makeup or gender self-identification … it’s your tit’s ability to impersonate Office Depot! Thank god we have the Underboob Pen Challenge to sort that out for us.

Nevertheless, the challenge has gained steam and has since veered from its already ill-defined original purpose of self-love to now just sort of encouraging women to photograph their breasts with things under them and put the photos on Instagram for their aunts to see. Alrighty then!

But while we disagree entirely with the concept of real women being pen holders, we can't argue with the aesthetic satisfaction of what that entails … so here are a bunch of Underboob Pen Challenge photos for you to not define your gender to: