The lineup is already stacked like Jenga — and they're just getting started!

Following the lead of what the hip kids are into these days, the annual Underground Music Showcase announced its lineup this morning and made sure at least one of the headliners had no vowels. Bowels … oops we mean vowels … are so passé right now. No one gets turnt with the heavy load of meddling anti-consonants anymore.

Just look: The bill is already stacked to the brim with notable acts like STRFKR, DIIV, Brick + Mortar and Milo Greene — and this is just the first announcement. Good god dang it we’re getting excited for summer!

And what’s, quite honestly, our favorite addition to the only-just-begun schedule (and life) is the well-chosen UK dreamboats in Until The Ribbon Breaks — which released one of the best songs (alongside hip-hop duo Run The Jewels) of the last 1,567 years. “Revolution Indifference” will change your life …

Watch out for the Colorado locals on the list too. They tend to break things, which include — but are not limited to — venues, silence, hearts, bank accounts and soon enough … records. We have one of the largest music communities in the nation and it simply breeds and bleeds charisma. Though the festival touts itself as a predominantly indie-rock entertainment debacle, lovers of other genres will no doubt find something they crave throughout the long weekend.

You’ll have to; there will eventually be hundreds of bands announced. If you can’t find something likeable in that, you may want to reevaluate a few things — just saying.

Don’t sleep on the early bird passes, either. There isn’t any other ticket that provides buyers as much pow with so little ducats. Four-day passes are on sale right now and are a staggering $35 via a Red Bull Sound Select discount.

Artists: Want to play this incredible event to throw another notch in your press kit? Submissions are still open; apply here.

And if you’re one of the many who skipped over everything we just said to immediately scroll down to a Soundcloud or YouTube embedd, here go. Our friends over at Reverb built a small listening taste of things to come and recently released a UMS 2014 recap …