Anyone who’s spent his or her own money to purchase a concert ticket in the past few years has probably felt the sticker shock in one way or another. Less beer money for the show, no gas money to get to work, or watering down the cheesy mac so it lasts for two meals instead of one. It’s fine. Thoughtlessly blowing our cash is a generation-bred trait that we won’t soon let go of. Often high on the list of assets is the music. Blaming the internet downloads for the high cost of live shows is one thing, but succumbing to the demanded price, is often another.

The people over at the Underground Music Showcase aren’t asking for much. For just a limited time, $35 gets you a four-day wristband that promises entry into over dozen venues and the option of seeing more than 400 bands. Last year was the biggest UMS to date, and if history serves, this year will continue the trend. Recently the overwhelmingly bountiful schedule was posted to give revelers time to plan and re-plan a comfortable scheme of attack.

To be a little more exact, the four-day event will feature 417 local and national bands with artists including Cults, Mudhoney, Bleached, Small Black, Hockey and more. The venues are mostly stretched along South Broadway and a main stage will be set up behind the Goodwill, in their large parking area. The festival has long been touting itself as the “South By Southwest of Denver,” and has earned the right to do so. Tickets are still available, but the $35 price is promised to only be for a limited time. Get on it now and save some of those precious ducets for bigger and better things.