He is the king of the lizard people; an instrumental administrative member of the Illuminati; a eugenics mastermind; an Epstein associate; and of course the man who brought us “Clippy,” Bing, and the dreaded Windows 10.

There are plenty of reasons to be leery of Bill Gates. Sure, most of that might be hogwashed conspiratorial brain-rot, but all rumors start somewhere with a nugget of truth — every damn one of them.

So what’s that say about Bill?

Well, as much as we hate to venture into the realm of speculative journalism here at Rooster, sometimes the only way to get to the bottom of a story like this, is to do exactly that. So, set your tolerance for weird conjecture to “Alex Jones mode” and double down on the tin-foil hats. We’re about to take a look at one of the wealthiest and curiously controversial figures of the 21st century: William Henry Gates III.

Billinda’s downfall — or brilliant financial loophole?

Last month, the Billinda Gates divorce hijacked the Internet’s attention for a few days. And naturally, Gates critics and the conspiracy-minded leapt to speculating from every conceivable angle as to why now?

There are no definite answers, yet. But dive deep enough into conspiracy threads, and you’ll find plenty of theories: perhaps Melinda learned something dark and terrible of Bill and Jeffery Epstein's insofar unexplained relationship. After all, in 2019 Milenda did meet with divorce lawyers over concerns about Epstein and Gates’ “friendship.”

Or, is this a brilliant insider trading scheme? Rumor has it, the CIA tipped Gates off to an imminent economic crash (courtesy of COVID-19). Knowing that Microsoft’s value was about to tank, Bill and Melinda put their scheming minds together and came up with a plan to liquidate most of their MSFT shares — without setting off investor alarm bells, and without “breaking” any insider trading laws.

The plan: instead of selling their shares openly, Melinda would simply divorce Bill. And in the process of dividing their assets, he’d liquidate and relinquish his MSFT shares to her.

Gates wouldn’t be the first corporate exec to pull this separation stunt. Anyone remember Lou Pai from Enron? Owner of Culebra Peak here in Colorado? He was the only corporate Enron member to escape damning charges of conspiracy, fraud and insider trading when that shit storm hit the fan.

The only other possible explanation is that Gates' youngest son just turned eighteen and will soon leave the nest. Perhaps the couple was just waiting for the right time to separate. Which isn’t uncommon among families. After all, these are still only humans.

Or perhaps, that’s exactly what they want us to believe…

Image courtesy of the NYT.

Chillin’ with Jeffery

If there’s two things everyone has accepted as fact about Jeffery Epstein it’s 1) that he raped and trafficked under age girls to some of the wealthiest, most powerful individuals on the planet. And 2) he didn’t kill himself.

But, what we’re also learning, is that Jeffery and Bill Gates were pretty chummy. Recently, several photos of Gates and Epstein have emerged of the two posing at Epstein’s New York chateau; Gates’ name has also been identified on the flight logs of Epstein’s private plane; and Gates reportedly attended a number of “meetings” at Epstein’s New York chateau between 2012 and 2014 — well after Epstein was changed with soliticing sex from a minor — supposedly in hopes of making the connections to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

In an email from 2009, Gates describes one such meeting: "A very attractive Swedish woman and her daughter dropped by," he wrote.  “And I ended up staying there quite late.”

Sounds like business as usual. Which is at least part of what drove Melinda Gates to seek out a divcorce lawyer in 2019 — she had concerns about Bill and Jeffry’s relationship, and wanted to get her affairs in order.