This is my baby Amaro. He's six months old and dominated by high contrast blue channels. He has a faint bright spot around the middle of his head.

Typically people name their progeny after important family members — or spices if they're going to be strippers. But in this day and age it's become important to name your gurgling spawn after the Instagram photo filter that most meticulously hides the fat in your face/neck.

According to the Baby Center website (which we visit for all the hottest news), American parents are doing just that. The rate of Instagram filter baby names has skyrocketed over the past year, as people seek to memorialize what really matters in their children.

Baby Center says the Instagram-inspired Lux is up 75 percent in its list of most popular names for boys, while Ludwig is up 42 percent. LUDWIG, PEOPLE. As in "This is my baby Ludwig. He enhances light while taking away most of the colors. He looks best with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes."

Amaro has increased 26 per cent, and Reyes is up ten percent. Hudson is up four per cent and Kelvin is up three percent.

For baby girls, Juno was up 30 percent, Valencia was up 26 percent, and Willow 13 percent.

Willow is forgiveable, because Willow Smith. Whip that hair.

Sadly, the filters Clarendon, Slumber and X-Pro II are getting no love. We do, however, have plans to name our firstborn Lo-Fi McNormal though, so … that kid is gonna have fun on the playground.