Daniel “Bam” Marley’s musical legacy is a part of his DNA — he’s the eldest grandson of Bob Marley and son of Ziggy Marley. When asked to represent and model Akomplice x Umbro’s latest collaboration Peace 195, a clothing collection that features the world’s flags and a call for global unity, Marley was brought back to his family’s message of One Love.

“Being born into my family, I was raised with certain lessons from a young age,” said Marley in conversation with Rooster Magazine. “As a human being who simply loves people, and seeing the climate the world is in, the meaning of global unity is a part of who I am.”

While the message of global unity is the focal point, fútbal plays a large role in this collaboration as well. Akomplice and Umbro debuted their first collection four years ago, before the 2018 World Cup. Marley was brought on to represent the collection for the 2022 World Cup. The Peace 195 collection also boasts sustainable materials, with Umbro using organic cotton and recycled polyester for the first time. 

This collaboration was all the more meaningful to Marley because of his love for the sport.

“Playing fútbal comes with a feeling of being free and creating peace,” Marley said. “It takes me away from reality and I have no worries or problems in my mind.” Having grown up with the Umbro brand and his long-time relationship with the sport of fútbal, Marley was immediately drawn to the collection when approached by the creators. The collection features a variety of pieces, including jackets, jerseys, bags, and more — one of the pieces is a hat with all the national flags featured on it.

“There was synergy between what I stood for and the campaign message,” Marley said.  “There’s shorts in the collection that have ‘peace’ written on there, and that serves as a daily reminder of why we are here and what we are here to create. The bright colors also add a sense of joy that I hope is received.”

The message of global unity and peace shines through in the Peace 195 collection, and it’s the same message that Marley hopes to communicate through his music. While the artist has released music in the past, his upcoming full-length project is due later this year. 

“The energy of this album is freedom, art of expression, and very much intentional, Marley said. “Being that it’s the first full length project I’ll be releasing, it makes it very special. I took the time to create something sonically that is unique and speaks to me.”

As an artist who straddles many different artistic mediums, Marley says being an artist is more than just the craft or the product — it’s a lifestyle. 

“I continue to be drawn to make art of every medium because art is everyday life,” Marley said. “Everything I do revolves around it — how I carry myself, how I see the world. I’m an artist in every sense of the word, not just limited to music and fashion.”

The Peace 195 collection can be found on the Akomplice webstore, as well as select boutiques worldwide. When shopping the collection, you may find key symbols on the clothing, including The Universal Peace Congress’ multi-colored flag, as well as the dove. With all these symbols of peace, it’s no surprise a Marley was chosen to represent the collection.

“Regardless of what times we’re in, the message is one love,” Marley said.