This doesn't make a ton of sense now does it?

Technology is great — except when it's really fucking stupid and unnecessary. And since anyone in the world can make an app these days, it seems like things are all trending toward the garbage end of the spectrum. 

Battery Share sounds like a good thing. Maybe your phone is dead, and your friend's phone could potentially share its battery with yours, charging it back up for a little bit. That wouldn't suck.

But tragically, that's not what it does. How many times have you found yourself wondering what the battery level on your buddy's phone looks like? If you answered, "Never, I'm not a psychopath," then you're in the majority of normal people, but this app clearly isn't for you. 

For a dollar, you can creepily keep track of what the battery level is for all of your friends' phones. Why? We're not sure. 

From a recent review:

"Anyone you approve as a friend can see your battery percentage and they can see yours. If you want, you can set it up so you’ll get alerts when someone’s battery gets low."

This can be argued with one familiar phrase: "Who the fuck cares?"

No one needs this level of information. I'd rather donate $1 to Donald Trump's political campaign then spend money on this shit. 

We need this like anus sensors that tell you when your friends are taking a dump. You're charging your phone? Great! No one cares.

But maybe people keep ghosting you on the Internet, but claim their phones were dead when you texted them last time, or some equal bullshit.

If someone doesn't text you back, it means one of two things. 

1) They hate you. 

2) The don't have their phone on them — which happens less than 1% of the time, so it's probably down to reason #1. 

There. We just saved you a whole dollar. Come to terms with the fact that people don't like you, and move on with your life.