We are too lazy to think of emojis on our own, but still … 

Apps have come a long damn way, and while some are completely awesome, some are just plain stupid and make people even lazier than they were before.

Like some stupid app that tells you which emojis to use. There are obviously only two that people should use: the "tongue out winky face" and the eggplant. Duh. 

But some people just can't fathom the greatness of said emojis and need to foolishly try to suggest different ones. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to us either, but the jerks over at Dango think they need to help people branch out. 

So basically, they use scary Terminator-style machine learning to help transform your words into emojis, learn your bank account number and take over your life. We don't trust it. 

On their website, you can even try it out by coming up with your own phrases!

See? It totally works — but we could've said it better with eggplants and creepy winky faces.