You think you need it, but you don't. Really.

Everyone wants to make it rain in the strip club. Also, people are really, really lazy. So when you combine the two, the obvious million-dollar idea would be the Strip Club Cash Cannon:

Once they show you how fun the damn thing looks in action, you'll be tempted to spend the $60 they're charging for it. 

But in actuality, you don't need this damn thing. First, you'll basically have to carry around what looks like a gun, and then pull out what looks like a gun once you get to the strip club — which is a real easy way to get tackled by several bouncers who think you're gonna shoot a stripper. 

If you manage to convince them to let you go, you'll load basically $20 worth of one dollar bills into this monster, and pull the trigger … but about 3 seconds later, it'll be over. So instead of slowly encouraging the dancer to keep doing a good job, you've spunked a Jackson before 50 Cent could even finish a full sentence in his banger "In Da Club." Unless you're sponsored by a trust fund, you can't keep this level of spending up. You just can't.

Then, you'll just keep this on a shelf somewhere, as a sad reminder that you thought it would be a good idea. And when friends come over and ask about your weird gun, you'll have to tell them what it is, and how much Keystone Light you could've gotten instead. 

Some things just don't need technology … like money cannons. Just keep doing things the old fashioned way.